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Please contact me at either or 919-886-0330 to arrange for a presentation.

Informative & Entertaining


Budd Titlow


* All programs are presented in PowerPoint—including the liberal use of thought-provoking embedded videos. Just contact me (Budd Titlow) at either or 919-886-0330 to arrange a presentation.


BIRD BRAINS—Inside the Strange Minds of Our Fine Feathered Friends 

Entertaining insights into the life histories of wild birds (based on my published book of the same title)—single or multiple programs.


SEASHELLS—Jewels From the Ocean

Life histories and vignettes about mollusks found throughout North America (based on my published book of the same title)—single or multiple programs.


PROTECTING THE PLANET—Environmental Champions from Conservation to Climate Change

History of the U.S. environmental movement—focusing on the key people who forged our understanding of how human activities have simultaneously impacted and protected our natural surroundings (based on my published book of the same title)—single or multiple programs. 


BIRDING   AND PHOTOGRAPHY—Double Your Pleasure in the Great Outdoors

Creative tips for finding and photographing wild birds—single or multiple programs.



How to best set up your backyard to attract wild birds.


HOLDING ON—Finding the Best Ways to Deal with Climate Change & Sea Level Rise

An interactive discussion/colloquy of the current/pending perils of global warming and how to design sustainable solutions (based on my published book).



Visual celebrations of must-see venues throughout North America; plus the Caribbean, Central America, and the Galapagos Islands—single or multiple programs.


THE VIERA NATURE CENTER—A Wastewater Wonderland

Reusing sewage treatment effluent to create prime escape, feeding, nesting, and migratory habitat for wild birds.



Illustrated displays of the primary natural habitats and associated indigenous species of our nation’s “Sunshine State”—single or multiple programs.


GETTING INTO PRINT—Putting Your Ideas in Front of Editors & Publishers

Using my experience in publishing 500+ magazine & newspaper photo-essays and four books, I’ll explain how to bring your publishing dreams to life.